EARLY SCHOLARS EDUCATION INC filed a voluntary chapter 7 bankruptcy case. There are 9 docket items shown below. The case was filed on 06/15/2017 in California Central bankruptcy court; it is identified with case number 17-11601. The docket was last checked on 08-20-2017 at 16:44 GMT.

Assets $0-$100,000
Liabilities $0-$100,000
Number of Creditors 1-49
Nature of Business Not in Database

Docket Information:

The information shown below is a summary of each docket item.

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Item # 8: Close Bankruptcy Case(07/19/2017)
Item # 7: BNC Certificate of Notice(07/06/2017)
Item # 6: Dism for failure to file sched, stat or plan (Order/Notice) (CACB AutoDismiss) (BNC)(07/03/2017)
Item # 5: BNC Certificate of Notice(06/18/2017)
Item # 4: BNC Certificate of Notice(06/18/2017)
Item # 3: BNC Certificate of Notice(06/18/2017)
Item # N/A X - Receipt Number and Filing Fee (Generic) (Auto - CR/ECF)(Retired)(06/16/2017)
Item # 2: Meeting of Creditors 7 (Business No Asset) (Corp No POC)(06/15/2017)
Item # 1: Voluntary Petition (Chapter 7)(06/15/2017)