Finding Real Estate Investments in Bankruptcy

We recently published a research report in partnership with the law firm of Polsinelli. The report analyzed the outcomes of bankruptcy cases involving real estate. More specifically, the report covered cases with more than $1 million in assets that were filed as Single Asset Real Estate bankruptcies in 2015. (One of the reasons that the cases are not more current is that the report was looking at how the cases were concluded which could be as long as a year after filing.) A free copy of the report is available at

The report presents the various outcomes that came about in the cases and the average time involved to achieve the outcome. According Jerry Switzer, one of the report’s authors, one of the more interesting conclusions from the analysis is that “in the majority of cases end of with the sale of the property in one way or another”.

Below is a webinar by the Polsinelli firm discussing both this report and the distress indices:

(A larger view of the presentation can be found here.)

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