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Bankruptcies make for really good news stories. They make good headlines are generally easy to write about.

What’s not easy about writing about bankruptcies is linking to the bankruptcy case. All bankruptcies in the United States take place in federal court and as such they are reported on using the PACER system. Unfortunately PACER has a paywall that prevents writers from linking directly to the case, the case docket, or to specific documents.

We would like to help alleviate the problem of linking to bankruptcy cases. We have developed a few dynamic web pages that publishers can link to directly. We would also like to hear back from publishers about what additional information would be interesting and useful.

For the moment, to figure out a link to case, simply use our Free Bankruptcy Search tool. This will help you to find a dynamic page with basic case information. If you want more information, simply replace the words “bankruptcy-case” with “case-details” in the url. You can also access the petition for case by replacing “bankruptcy-case” with the word “document” and appending “/1” (for example: ). This applies to cases that we have updated. We update case information every business day by 10 am eastern time.

We liked to hear about any other services that we can provide. Would alerts of critical document filings be helpful? What about summaries of bankruptcy activity in your area? Please comment below and we will be in touch.

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